A Visit
To New York

the tall
in man hat on
and the little ones
in Gre nidge
vil lidge,
the peep ple of every TyPe
and the steep ples,
the lie tid tops of buildings
and the low-down lights
of GiRliES
the RYE-a tease-of delis
and the food of EVEry cunTREE,
people people people
alive, alive O,
books and books and books
and new zee ums
and frightening and brave cyclists
and skaters
and shops and stores
and do it yourself fashions
and designer fashions
and honking traffic
(no geese)
and sometimes trees
and sPEKING of Chinatown
every AMairRICAN
Men women men women
women women women
men men men
handsome and pretty too
and sometimes
a child.

Miss U

Note 1: Each line was sent as an individual postcard. Each recipient got a set 37 cards (roughly one a day).

Note 2: This was written before the Giuliani mayoralty.