David's Dream One

We’re on the stage. It’s a little dark, there are two people on it. One of them has a sack. The one without the sack calls out every now and again about different objects that vary in size, color and weight—a diamond, a pillow, etc. When the guy takes these out of the sack, heavy or not, his hand, demeanor, expression on his face don’t change. Then the man who is telling the other what to do, says, “A ball.” Then the other starts to dance, with inumerable imaginary partners of different types, fat, slow, thing, etc. Then he slows down and stops. Then there’s a burst of ball music, very loud, which dies out and stops. Then he looks inside the sack, picks out a ball about the size of a tennis ball, rainbow colored, spits on it to make it cleaner. Then he throws it carefully to the other guy. The other guy is so overwhelmed by the importance of the situation that he misjudges it and it falls to the ground and rolls to a stop while they both watch.

Boredom, or part of Instaball’s Story.